Saturday, 1 December 2012

cheeky crows...

I love to see birds coming into the garden, they make me smile. I make sure the feeders are full and leave some scraps of bread etc. daily I have Robins, blue tits ,coal tits, sparrows and two BIG cheeky Crows that have been visiting Me daily since the Summer.  They are a pair and I've named them Charlie and Mabel!

Whilst sitting crafting, I was a bit late with breakfast! Here's  one of them letting me know, waiting on the fence, right next to where I work, Come on I'm hungry! :)

My Dear friend Paula ( ) told Me of a new magazine on sale Land Love (  ) and I managed to get a copy yesterday.

There is a great article on garden birds in this months issue and a link to identifying the birds in our gardens.

I love these ideas on making bird friendly feeding trees, don't they look lovely?

I'm going to have a go at this, wouldn't it be wonderful to see lots of birdy's visiting Your Christmas tree.
Happy weekend lovlies.


  1. We have two rather fat wood pigdeons and a pair of Magpies visit out feeder daily, so our feeder doesn't have nice birds like sweet robins, but we do have a colony of sparrows that live in the hedge at the bottom of the garden and they nip in quick when the others aren't looking.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Aww thats lovely Julie,We have very fat wood pidgeons too and cheeky little magpies :)

  3. I 'HAD' two wood pigeons...There in the deep freeze now...
    AND, No! No! I did'nt shoot them.....But, l will be eating them...HeHe!

    But...I do have a solitary Blackbird visit...Since the summer,
    and he sits on the barby...I take a handful of seed out, he waits, then he tucks in...Strange...!
    Though, l've lost all the little birds now, since my two pussy-cat visitors...Flossy and Sparkle....Shame really...!
    Wish they would all get on...But, that's life l suppose...!

  4. I love to feed the birds too, very much.
    I have only ever seen ravens at the Tower of London, and they are really big birds! Did you know they clip their wings so they cannot fly away. It has come down through the centuries that if they do so, the Tower will fall.

  5. I love to watch our bird visitors (well, any wildlife really).Crows are amazing birds...I LOOOOOOOOVE them!
    Jane x

  6. Love Crows, Rooks and Jackdaws. Think they all get bad press. Very smart and like to play. Lovely magazine!

  7. Dear Julie
    I hate crows but lucky for me we don't have them now they have vanished
    I love to feed birds we have a bird feeder on the tree and we throw bread out to the garden
    Please comment on my blog
    Ella xxxx

  8. We get lots of birds in the garden especially in the winter.The usual robins,blackbirds(which nest every year),sparrows,different kinds of tits and in the winter blackcaps,bullfinches(I love them) greenfinches,goldfinches,siskins.I buy big bags of food ,Gardam, from the garden centre.We have a cat but it doesn't seem to put them off.I don't like crows because Ziggy the cat goes on the roof of our bungalow and they dive bomb him and make a terrible racket.It's like the episode in the film The Birds!!!

  9. We were very lucky two years ago to have a blackbird lay 5 eggs in a plant pot near a garden table and chairs. It was lovely to watch the chicks hatch, and grow. Sadly one day I came home from work and they had flown the nest. I hoped they might lay eggs in the same pot this year, but no such look. However there are several blackbirds visiting our garden.

  10. It's lovely to see birds flying and landing in the backyard. I do have a bird house in my yard, but only the spiders live in there!!! With all the native bushes we have in Australia, the birds seem to go for the bushes instead....well in my yard atleast! lol. Love your photo's.
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. We are lucky we have lots of trees around us, so lots of birds...I have a cheeky robin who loves to follow me around the garden, especially if I have a spade in my hand! :)

  12. I love to see the birds flittering around my garden.
    I have written a few posts about my dove family. I also have the common blackbird that hops around and this week saw a robin.

  13. I like crows, too! They are shaped so perfectly! It looks so pretty over here at Toadstool Land! Sending lots of love to lovable YOU!

  14. Our garden seems sadly bare of birds at the moment despite the feeders and fat balls. Hopefully they will come again soon. I love the idea of dressing a garden tree for Christmas but actually with things for the wildlife. Philippa xx

  15. Hello my dear friend and adopted sister! I love seeing the crows in your beautiful garden! I would love to see all the birdies that visit you dearest heart! They all sound wonderful! I am so happy you found Land Love! Isn't it wonderful? The Christmas issue looks fabulous and I know you are loving the bird article. The Christmas issue isn't here in the US yet, but I am hoping it will be soon. I love the bird friendly trees sweetheart! Take good care and will write you soon. Love you so much!!!! xoxox~Paula

  16. I discovered LandLove about 4 months ago and I love it. I am getting a subscription for christmas and I find it much better that it comes out every 2 months rather then every month, as I find it gives you time to digest what they've written and put their advice into action. You are very lucky as I haven't had many birds this year, and my feeders go unused for days apart from the squirel.