Sunday, 9 December 2012

The one with the wooden reindeer and a birthday


Brrrrr, today is freezing! Lots of tea is needed  :o)  This afternoon Elf is on,Ch4 at 5.00, I've got My afternoon planned!

This morning Hubby made Me a reindeer out of old garden logs  :o)
Awwh,I love him!

Friday was our daughters birthday,  She got up extra early before school to open her pressies, She had a little helper too!

He didn't stop until every present was opened, He just loves Birthdays and Christmas :o)

The usual BiRtHdAy  cooked breakfast...  Then off to school.
My little Angel. 
In the evening We took her to her favourite restaurant ~ Chinese along with all of the family.

Her favourite white chocolate cake.....

I'll leave You with a piccie of hubby's crafty Reindeer, I'll be bringing him in later to keep him warm, lol.  Hope you get to stay cosy today and can watch Elf, such Christmassy fun!

Thank you  for Your sweet messages, You always make Me smile

Have a great week.




  1. Ahhh! ELF! Thank you for reminding me :D That's my afternoon sorted! What a sweet little reindeer :)

  2. Cute little reindeer. Happy Birthday to your daughter. :)

  3. What a lovely week youve had. I just love your sweet reindeer! What a good idea. Happy birthday to your daughter! love Katie x

  4. I love your reindeer too - your husband did a great job. He'd melt, not catch a cold if he was here in Aus! Ha-ha! Jack is such a cutie and Happy Birthday to Miss 14 x

  5. Love the Reindeer
    Happy Birthday to your daughter
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. Great reindeer :)

    Might watch Elf later - depends on how my cooking marathon is going!!

  7. Oh, I do love white chocolate! It's my favorite- or it used to be. Back when I was thin and was eating chocolate. :) Happy Birthday to your daughter! Tucker loves birthdays and Christmas too. He always gets his own stocking. And an Easter basket on Easter. He might be spoiled. LOL Absolutely LOVE that reindeer! How sweet!

  8. Your husband's really creative! Happy birthday to your daughter. Jx

  9. What fun!!
    I love your little reindeer, that is just adorable.
    Please send that cold this way!! We are still wearing shorts here :(
    The christmas mood is achieved by staying in and watching those christmasy movies pretending it is snowing out that door.

  10. Dear sweet friend and sis, I love the darling reindeer your sweet hubby made for you! He did such a good job sweetie! I know you will enjoy him. Happy Birthday to your sweet and beautiful girl! It looks like you all had fun... Jack too! What a cutie pie! The breakfast and cake looks so yummy! Oh, your children are both so sweet, just like their mum and dad! Enjoy your movie and this beautiful Christmas season! Love you bunches!!! xoxo~Paula
    PS~ I love how you will bring in your reindeer to keep him warm! Hee hee! Keep warm too!

  11. aww i love Rudolf!! what a clever hubby :-) thanks for the tip off about elf just switched over...enjoy xx

  12. I love your reindeer - what a clever hubby!

  13. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! Love the reindeer!!

    Madelief x

  14. Amazing reindeer, He looks so friendly and I hope it makes it through to every christmas xx

  15. Happy birthday to your daughter! I think you have the makings of a little business there, what a fantastic reindeer! :)

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  17. Love your sweet reindeer!
    A little bit to late but anyway congratulations with your daughter!
    Kisses, Juliëtte

  18. Your daughter and I are only a couple of days apart (and quite a few years) I cannot believe I have missed so many posts, am a tad busy and tired these days. Love your reindeer.
    xox Sandi

  19. Happy birthday to your daughter! Love the reindeer!!

  20. Your very own reindeer, what a thoughtful gift!
    I love it.
    Lisa x

  21. You have a very clever hubby, the reindeer is fab!

  22. Teehee I love the photo of your little doggie opening the presents! My parents wee dog used to do this, it provided much amusement but just meant we couldn't put christmas presents under the tree too soon!

    Your daughter looked like she had an amazing birthday. Love the one of her and her brother, they look really close.

    Enjoy all your christmas preparations!

    Helen xx

  23. Julie, hello...
    Wish you could hear me Awwww- ing at your wonderful reindeer!!
    Just lovely!!
    Sending you greetings of the season ,dear friend.
    And thanking you kindly for the sweet words always..
    Love Maria x

  24. Hi Julie: Happy Birthday to your "little' girl. I've missed you too, and I guess I have because I had no idea your kids were so grown up. I must have been under one of your toadstools!! How cute your little dog opening presents. He will have a great time at Christmas! Thank you for all your very sweet comments, you must have stayed up very late to write them all. I will only thank you here if you don't mind. I so appreciate it and love having you drop by anytime you can..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  25. I'm just bobbing by to say "Hello" and thank you for your comments over at my blog. We are getting there now with the Christmas spirit, helped along by Baileys and Christmas movies!!!! LOL
    Best wishes