Tuesday, 24 June 2014

last week~catch up.

Hello again,
the past week my son started his first full time job! It was pretty nerve wracking for him and me :) His job is around 45 minute s from home and involves a motorway drive and it a really busy part of the M4. He passed his test over a year ago but hasn't driven motorways at all since really.  I' ve been praying a lot .  This week s been better,he s grown in confidence in the job and journey already,thank goodness. He takes after me and lacks confidence ,a little ...

Last week I forgot to tell you I've a new baby niece ,Lara, She's 3 months now and absolutley gorgeous.

My latest crochet applique is of Ted :)  To celebrate my love of teddies especially Ted!  I've also joined up 2 more rows for my crochet mood blanket, I'm still 70 squares behind though.

The weather has been so hot and we ve has no rain for almost 2 weeks,I must take some pictures of the garden for you next as everything is blooming lovely.

I hope everyone reading is well and thankyou to all who wrote on my last post ,I think I ve replied personally to everyone.
Take care, lots of love,

Friday, 13 June 2014

I missed you...

Hello,is anybody still there?
Sorry i haven't been around very much,I seem to have lost my blogging mojo :(

Jack now 10, his birthday was last month...

Rosie now 8.

Some whimsy crochet and knitting applique granny squares made...

some pictures from my phone the last few months....

lots more crochet done for the crochet mood blanket..

Mr & Mrs Gnome.
Exam time is over for this year and our son starts his first job Monday!
A year out in industry, from Uni.

Boot sales are back in force now the warmer weather is here and lots of treasures found...
these are yesterdays, I love the vintage wind up musical card the most.

The gardens looking beautiful...
I also bought a top from a lovely lady and  She gave me this cute seahorse felt brooch she had made,

I'm wearing it today :)

Wishing you happy summer days,
love julie

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Crochet mood blanket 2014.

Hello ladies, just a little update on the crochet mood blanket,  Ive  caught up again and up to 45 on day 45!

Weather here has been awful,we are very lucky with no flooding but had  over 100mph winds and very heavy rain and hailstones.  Yesterday was a day to stay in and catch up on my crochet and drink lots of tea.

We've  been renovating our bathroom and its caused so much mess ,I can hardly think straight, its nearly finished now. I shall share some photos when all finished.

Back soon,lots of love,xxx

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

crochet update...

Hi lovlies, I hope you are all well. I thought I'd just pop in to say hi and let You see what I've been up to the past couple of weeks.  I decided to add more of a border to the nanny mcphee blanket and I am happy to say it looks a lot more finished now. I added a double crochet row and then a scalloped edge row. I'm really pleased with it now and think its my favourite blanket so far.

All folded ready on the pile for some snuggling up time.

Other things I've been up to is joining the crochet mood blanket 2014 group, I found on Hazels blog   http://www.hazelscrochet.co.uk/. These were the colours I decided upon.

 I'm using Lucy's, attic 24 hexy pattern.

I've also discovered the joy of applique crochet over the weekend and started with a toadstool :)

this one I knitted and made up the pattern...

I also made a heart one today from a tutorial I found on line.

Tonight I have been crocheting some flowers from an old Mollie makes issue, to make a garland for my new welsh dresser.

 I'll pop by soon to show you the results.

I've been surrounding myself with spring bulbs in the home, letting me know spring is just around the corner, keeping my mood up and counting down until I can get back out into the garden :)

These ones were reduced in M & S, £10. down to £2.00,they are coming along nicely.

And these lovlies are popping through out in the garden.

I,ll leave you with these I also got reduced, they are really brightening my day.
back soon, lots of love,